Six Types of Business Law

        October 6, 2020 0

        Business law, otherwise known as commercial law, is the law that governs what happens in business and commerce. This type of law is in civil law and often deals with public and private laws. If you start a new business or understand the legal practices governing business law, it might be wise to seek a business lawyer’s advice. Business laws fall into different categories.

        1. Immigration laws

        Modern businesses need to be in tune with the current immigration laws because they might hire foreign employees and follow foreign labor laws.

        2. Consumer goods sales

        This law that governs how businesses manufacture and sell their products. It deals with the employees’ working conditions, price controls, and distribution requirements. The Uniform Commercial Code covers commercial transactions and other topics ranging from leases, sales, bulk sales, frauds to contracts. A business lawyer advises their clients about the codes of practice governing this law and how it will help them remain productive.

        3. Employment law

        This law requires the employee to stay ahead of the current employment laws. Businesses will need to get legal advice that allows them to hire and fire employees. The law gives them an idea of the pay and benefits they should offer their employees. They also help them understand about payrolls and tax deductions.

        4. Anti-trust laws

        If your business wants control over a large market or want to grow and expand, they should seek advice on how they should legally do this. If you use unfair means to cut off your competitors in the market, then you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law. A business lawyer will guide you on the market behaviors that might be linked to anti-trust and help you navigate them before they create problems.

        5. Tax laws

        Businesses will need to pay taxes as part of complying with the law. There are different types of taxes, such as employee taxes, deductions, and estimated taxes. Business attorneys will help the business reduce taxes and help them comply with the tax requirements. Your attorney might also help you apply for special tax forgiveness and waivers that might be in your location or industry.

        6. Bankruptcy

        A business attorney will help you file for bankruptcy when your business is going through a tough financial situation. The lawyer will then help you understand the different types of bankruptcy filings available for your business. Bankruptcy laws have various requirements. Businesses need to understand the criteria that best suit their business. Business lawyers are important because they work with you and help in making business policies or filing documents.?For more information, Hoffer Adler can provide you with further insights.

        10 Types Of Mortgages

        August 17, 2020 0

        There are multiple types of mortgages. Below is a list of 10 different types of mortgages.


        In this kind of mortgages, you only pay off the interest on it. The monthly payments you make will be lower and won’t affect the loan. In the end, you will have to pay the full amount.?Check out Tembo Financial if you would like to learn more information.


        In this kind of mortgages, you pay back the money you borrowed steadily every month with interest depending on however much capital you may have left. The ‘capital’ is the amount of money left that you have to pay. This is why repayment mortgages are also known as interest and capital mortgages.


        The lender guarantees you that the interest rate will not change for a set period of time. Typically it’s between 1 up to 10 years; this is known as the ‘initial period.’ When the initial period is over, the rate will be switched to the standard variable rate or lender’s default rate.


        The Standard Variable Rate is a lender’s standard, default interest rate. The lender is free to set their Standard Variable Rate, and the lender can change it whenever they like.


        This has a variable rate where the amount of money you pay each month changes if the lender decides to change their Standard Variable Rate. For a period of time, you will receive a discount on the lender’s Standard Variable Rate.


        This is a type of variable rate that can be paid in different amounts of money each month to your lender. It works by using an interest rate to calculate the amount of money you have to pay each month, then adding the fixed amount. Your interest rate goes up if the base rate also goes up.


        Once you receive a mortgage, the lender will get you a sum of cash (percentage of the loan). This does not come with incentives such as free valuation.


        It’s a type of variable mortgage with a cap on how much the interest rate can rise. The interest rate can get higher than the tracker mortgage, meaning you might end up extra.


        This type of mortgage is flexible and can allow you to underpay and overpay or maybe even take a payment holiday if needed. This kind of flexibility has a price, and it is a higher interest rate.


        This can save you money on the amount of interest you pay on your mortgages. You will have to convert your mortgages into offset mortgages and then open a savings account with your lender, link your mortgages and the account.

        Stop Worrying and Help Your Child Concentrate

        September 22, 2018 0

        Be honest – are you one of those parents who worry about their child’s apparent inability to concentrate? Are you constantly asking, does he or she have ADHD? Are they doomed to failure and a life of disrupting others? This may come as a surprise, but many schools in the west